About company

Our passion is to develop trade and business between the Kansai Industrial Region of Japan and foreign countries. Reliable partnerships with manufactures of Osaka City and other prefectures, provides a wide variety of high quality Japanese products to our trading partners. Japantorg welcomes the opportunity to bulid long-term co-operation with importers, retailers, wholesalers and private entrepreneurs. We hope that our company will become your favourite “stopover” when trading with Japan.

Corporate information

Company name JAPANTORG CO., LTD.
Establishment July 3, 2006
Head office 205, F-Base Radolf, 2-5-4 Tanimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-0012, JAPAN
TEL +81-6-4302-5375
FAX +81-6-4302-5376
e-mail info@japantorg.com

Business activities

Foreign trade with CIS, Europe and other countries.
Exporting of consumer goods.
OEM Manufacture in Japan.

President profile

1995 Bachelor of FESU, Oriental Faculty.
1996 Employee of the Embassy of Japan abroad.
2000 Masters degree from Osaka City University.
2002 Head of Department for a Japanese Trading Company.
2006 Business Diploma in Entrepreneurship from The Business Innovation Center, Osaka, Japan.

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