Traditional Japanese painting scrolls Kakejiku

Traditional Japanese painting scrolls kakejiku or kakemono, widely used in the Heian period, are an integral part of interior decoration even today.

They continue to be popular today, firmly maintaining their purpose and meaning.

We offer original painting scrolls of various types, made of good quality materials by a specialized Japanese Manufacturer with a guarantee of 10 years quality.

Calligraphic scrolls; Buddhist scrolls; Landscape scrolls; Flowers and birds; Congratulatory (Greeting) scrolls with Japanese simbols (carp, crane, samurai); Amulet scrolls, which bring a happiness and good fortune.

Material: silk paper, fabric, washi Japanese paper
Roll tips: ceramic
Warranty: 10 years
Made in Japan

We export Japanese kakejiku collection.
Whatever your interest, your décor style, your inspiration – we’re
sure to have that piece you can’t live without.

Flower and bird paintingsLandscapesGreetingsTalismansCalligraphyBuddhist imagesUkiyoe54.5×190cm54.5×140cm54.5×125cm44.5×175cmALL

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