A highly ecologically safe wax made from natural beeswax.

Features of antique wax:

* A Gentle safe wax made from natural materials.
* The main raw material is natural beeswax.
* Made with normal paraffin with less odor and low toxic. It is safe and reliable.
* Protects the surface of wood and colouring at the same time.
* There is no unpleasant smell, convenient to use.
* It is thick paste that can be easily used with a cloth or sponge.
* Can be used without stain of other paint.
* Excellent spreading wax with nice finishing touches.
* There is no colour transfer or stickiness after painting.


Natural ingredients:


Product name: wood wax

Use: for colouring and gloss of unpainted wood

Type: oil

Ingredients: wax (beeswax, carnauba), organic solvents (normal paraffin), synthetic resins (linseed oil-modified)

Net weight: 120g

Standard usage: 20-30g per a square meter (once painted)

A range of 8 colours

Jacobean Antique Wax
Tudor Oak  Antique Wax
Rustic Pine  Antique Wax
Walnut  Antique Wax
Dark Oak  Antique Wax
Teak  Antique Wax
White  Antique Wax
Clear  Antique Wax

How to use:


1. Clean the surface of wood with sandpaper.


2. With a soft sloth, rub in the wax little by little working along the grain.


3. To eliminate any uneven areas, wipe with another clean cloth.
* For more gloss and shine, use a stiff brush before wiping.


4. Allow to dry for about 15-30 minutes after painting and complete to polish again with a clean cloth.
* If the colour is too thin, repeat the process from 2 to 4.

Precautions for use:

* Dispose of wax adhesion clothes by soaking in water to avoid spontaneous combustion.
* Keep away from children.
* Tighten lid and keep horizontal in a place out of direct sunlight.
* Store in an area below 50 ℃
* Do not paint in the presence of open flame.
* Ventilate well during both painting and drying, as organic solvent is included.