Kombu Kelp Powder



Ma-kombu kelp is cultivated at the Tsugaru Strait — Uchiura Bay coast. It’s a most popular used kelp in Japan. Famous as Dashi kombu which has a clear stock with an elegant, distinctive sweet taste. The taste is a favorite of Osaka.



Rishiri kombu is a commercially important luxury komb. Cultivated in Rishiri Island off the coast of Hokkaido. The taste is mild and slightly salty. It makes a clear dashi soup, because the ingredients do not affect the color or taste. It is perfect to use with traditional multi-course Japanese “kaiseki” and simmered dishes. It is the most commonly used kelp for dashi soup in Kyoto, used at luxurious traditional Japanese restaurants such as “ryōtei”.



The Rausu kombu is the highest grade of kelp, along with Ma-kombu kelp. A favourite in the Kanto region because of the rich taste in dashi soup.
Popular in the Kansai area during the Meiji era. Used mainly in dished, such as udon noodle soup, oden, tsukudani, etc.



Gagome kombu is grown in Hakodate, Hokkaido along the Tsugaru Strait coast. With a length of 2m and a life span of 3-5 years. It was mainly used for processed products. Therefore, the price is lower compared to other kelp, but very rich in polysaccharides of «Fucoidan». Fucoidan is used as an ingredient in some dietary supplement products.

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