about Turner Colour Works


Established: 13th November 1946
Capital fund: 50 million Yen
Representative: Hiroshi Jihira, director & president
Number of employees: 100

1946 Establishes Marudai Industries Ltd. as a company selling paint.
1947 Changes its name to Turner Colour Chemical Ltd.
1982 Launches Acryl Gouache, an opaque acrylic paint.
1998 Launches ESHA, a natural paint for interior use.
1999 Acquires ISO 9001 certification.
2000 Launches Acryl Gouache Lame´ Color Series, Three Primary Colors, J Colour, a low-VOC paint for interior use, and ESHA Exterior, a natural paint for exterior use.
2002 Launches Acryl Gouache Japanesque Series, Acryl Gouache Color Pearl Series and Water-Based Woodstain, a coloring agent for use in woodwork.
2005 Launches Acryl Gouache : Artist Color : acrylic gouache for professional artists, Acryl Color Foundation, a paint for use under oil and acrylic paints, Mushu Kakishibu : odorless persimmon juice, Aging Art Color : a paint for inner or outer decoration. Iro Asobi : safety paint for children, Black Pring Ink : a paint for black print.
2006 Celebrates the 60th anniversary of its establishment.
2009 Company president Mr.Jihira appointed chairman of the All Japan Art Materials Association. Launches Golden Open Acrylics, a slow drying acrylics. Relaunches Turner Artists Watercolor paint. Launches Chigirie, a free cutting sheet.