Which room in your house makes you feel most comfortable?

Colour is said to be the most influential factor in living space.
Blue will calm your mood and increase concentration power, for example.
Red will encourage and activate your spirit.
Light colours make your room look larger while dark colours make it look smaller.
Warm colours make objects appear to move toward you, which makes the room look
smaller than cold colours do.


Paint your living spaces different colours according to their purpose.
Colours will touch your heart; you will be more comfortable and spend your time more
Make your life more comfortable, with the heartfelt colours of J Colour.

With 200 Colour Variations, Your Creativity is Boundless

200 colours in five series enable you to select the desired colours suitable to the room or
your mood. Even if you can’t find your exact colour, we will create a new colour just for
you through our state-of-the-art Colour Matching System.



Our Five Distinct Series Suggest Scenes through Colour
Subtle hues of nature: Japanese Traditional Series
Bright, unclouded mood: Brilliant Series
Calm and subdued: Muted Series
Vivid and brilliant: Vibrant Series
Variations on a theme of white: White Series

Our Five Distinct Series Suggest Scenes through Colour Subtle hues of nature

Subtle hues of nature:
Japanese Traditional Series-I (20 colours)


Subtle hues of nature:
Japanese Traditional Series-II (20 colours)


Bright, unclouded mood:
Brilliant Series”DEEP”(20 colours)


Bright, unclouded mood:
Brilliant Series”LIGHT”(20 colours)


Bright, unclouded mood:
Brilliant Series”PALE”(20 colours)


Calm and subdued:
Muted Series”PALE”(20 colours)


Calm and subdued:
Muted Series”LIGHT”(20 colours)


Calm and subdued:
Muted Series “DEEP”(20 colours)


Variations on a theme of white:
White Series(24 colours)


Vivid and brilliant:
Vibrant Series(16 colours)


J Colour – Recommended

Safe, Recommended

Water-Based, Environmentally Friendly
J Colour employs an emulsion of polyethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymer, in which
fine polymer resin particles are dispersed in water. The content of organic volatile
compounds (VOCs), which is said to be one of the causes of chemical sensitivity or “sick
building syndrome”, is limited to less than 0.3%, which is well under the 1%; target
value of the Japan Paint Industry Association. J Colour is safe enough for children to

Very Faint Odor

Since VOCs and contamination are limited to a minimum, you may smell only a faint
odor of acetic acid (vinegar), which will vanish soon after painting.

Prevents Mildew Growth

Anti-bacterial additives contained in J Colour prevent mildew growth when used in
areas where humidity is high or condensation is likely to occur.

Does Not Contain Harmful Heavy Metals

Some paints on the market contain heavy metal pigments in the colour range of yellow
to red. J Colour contains no harmful heavy metal pigments even in this colour range.


J Colour – Can be Painted Easily

Paintable on Wallpaper

J Colour is paintable directly onto vinyl wallpapers, which dominate 75% of wallpaper applications. Since you don’t have to peel off the existing wallpaper, you can save time and cost. In addition, you don’t have to dispose of vinyl wallpapers which may produce dioxins when thrown into the fire; you can prevent environmental pollution. (Clean the surface before painting. Some wallpapers, such as fabric wallpapers may need under-coating.)


Beautiful Finish

The resin content of J Colour is 50%, more than three times higher than that of other
paints. Accordingly, you can paint out wide areas of J Colour with rollers or brushes to
make a smooth, flat surface.


Expressions on the Wall

With additives such as thickeners limited to the minimum amount, J Colour is suitable
for decorative techniques, i.e., glazing* and you can add various expressions on the
*One of the techniques of faux finish that creates non-uniform colours or textures. The
technique creates textures such as stone, fabric or blot by overlaying paints using a
sponge or rag.


Fast Dry

Thanks to high solid content, J Colour dries in 40 minutes (at 68oF, one coat), which
enhances the efficiency of your work. In addition, its thick layering effect enables you
to cover with two coats without being affected by the ground colour. (Occasionally a third
coat may be necessary, depending on the ground colour and the new colour you are going
to paint.)


Stability in Cold Weather

In conventional water-based paints, harmful organic solvents are needed to achieve
film formation or freeze-thaw stability in cold seasons. J Colour achieves low
temperature stability and film-forming ability at 23oF by replacing those solvents with
propylene glycol, which is used in the food industry, such as in ham or sausage


Easy Maintenance

After drying, J Colour forms an integrated film of uniformity and strength, which is not
soluble in water. Painted walls can be easily cleaned with water and detergent.


The estimated consumption of J Colour interior paint

Total average consumption – 1 liter – about 6-7 m2 (2 layers by roller painting)
0.5 liters – 2.5 – 3 m2
2 liters – 12 – 14 m2.
4 liters – 24 – 28 m2.
15 liters – 90 – 105 m2.

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