Tea bags Houjicha KAGUWAI

Roasted green tea for daily use

Kaguwai Tea bag is made from houjicha in pyramid-shaped tea bags.

How to store green tea:

Green tea benefits from being stored in a cool dry place where the temperature does not fluctuate very much. Tea is very good at absorbing odours so keep it away from anything smelly.
After opening the package, please close the lid firmly and keep it in a refrigerator. Please remember that tea is a fresh product and short-term use after opening is strongly recommended.

Instructions for making green tea

tea leaves : 1 tea bag
boiling water : 200-300 ml
water temperature : 90-100 C
brew time : 60 seconds

Tea bags Houjicha KAGUWAI 3g x 15p

Net weight : 3g x 15 tea bags
Package size : 140 mm x 230 mm
Best before date : 300 days
Code: T024W