Wasanbon “Chojukame”


For making Japanese dry confectionery Higashi typically is used a special Japanese sugar Wasanbon.
This fine-grained Japanese sugar, traditionally made from special sort of thin sugarcane called “taketō ” or “chikusha”, cultivated in Tokushima and Kagawa of Shikoku island. This expensive sugar sweet with a delicate flavor has been made in Japan for over 200 years.
Even today, some factories are still using a complex, long process of manual cleaning. Therefore, the sugar turns a very specific color, with a pleasant taste and aroma.
Wasanbon is often served with Japanese green tea during Japanese tea ceremony.



How to store:

After opening the package, please close the lid firmly and keep it store in a cool dry place. Please remember that Wasanbon is a fresh product and short-term use after opening is strongly recommended.

Wasanbon “Chojukame”


Net weight: 55g
Package size: 93 x 93 x 23mm
Best before date: 12 months
Code: 033220