The amazing effects of Genmaicha brown rice tea.

For diet and anti-aging!


Among the many types of Japanese green tea Genmaicha has always attracted attention for its mild flavor and aroma. In addition, it is known as an efficient tea for weight loss, anti-aging and constipation.

What is Genmaicha Tea?

Japanese Genmaicha tea is made from a mix of low bitterness leaves and steamed roasted brown rice. Less bitterness and low caffeine allows this tea to be included in the daily nutrition of children, pregnant women and the elderly.
Brown rice in Japanese is known as “genmai”, it contains a component called GABA (gamma-Aminobutyric acid) which plays a principal role in reducing cholesterol, fat prevention of obesity, diabetes and atherosclerosis.
Another power of Genmaicha tea is “the effect of relaxation and stress relief.” This is one of the drinks, which certainly should be included in the daily diet of modern people suffering from a variety of emotional disorders affecting the psyche, central nervous system and insomnia.
Genmaicha can also be used by people suffering from the effects of Constipation. The 2 main components which aid in the relief of constipation are “soluble dietary fiber” and “insoluble dietary fiber”.


Daily consumption of Genmaicha:

Occasional use of Genmaicha green tea can significantly improve your health and aid in weight loss due to the activation of rice and tea elements.
Health Substances included in the Genmaicha tea:
Gamma-oryzanol (γ-oryzanol) – prevents obesity and diabetes
B vitamins group – activates fat burning, restores strength
E vitamin – rejuvenation of the body: improves blood circulation, makes skin and hair healthy and beautiful
Catechins – cancer prevention, anti-aging, tooth decay and bad breath prevention
C vitamin – bleaching effect of facial skin
Theanine – stress relief
Iron – improvement of blood quality
Calcium – improving bone mineral density

One of the latest discoveries of the Japanese research group of the Medical University of the Ryukyu says that contained in big quantaty in brown rice gamma-oryzanol substance is capable to make a positive effect on the work of pancreas cells secreting insulin. So Genmai brown rice have possibility to prevent diabetes.

Genmaicha is very easy to brew:

Take a necessary quantity of genmaicha tea pour boiling water 80-95 ℃ and brew about 1 minute. Pour into cups evenly in a circle to the last drop.


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